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Reoccurring Membership Terms & Dues


Reoccurring memberships begin the day you sign up, and will continue indefinitely until cancelled. Membership cancellations require 15 days written notice and are subject to a $60 cancellation fee to be paid in full at the time of cancellation request; this will be waived after one year of membership. Memberships can also be frozen for $15 per month, per member, with 2 days written notice provided prior to the 1st of the month If you would like to attend the facility during this freeze period or unfreeze your membership, you will be required to pay a full drop-in fee, or the prorated monthly dues to unfreeze the membership. To cancel or freeze your membership you must fill out our Cancellation / Freeze Request Form; these forms can be obtained at the front desk or by emailing info@bolderclimbing.com if you are unable to come in to the gym.


Prepaid memberships can be purchased in 30 day increments for any length of time, or in annual increments for an entire year.Prepaid memberships cannot be frozen or paused, and are to be paid in full at the point of purchase. Prepaid members have equal access to member perks as reoccurring members. Bolder Climbing Inc. reserves the right to increase dues at its discretion.