How It Works

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    Download the MyClimb App
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    Pick your handicap. A handicap is based on V grades. What’s the highest V-grade you can send in one session? That’s your handicap! Using the handicap system allows every member to compete against each other- fun! Example: If your handicap is V5 and you send a V5 you get 100 points! We’ll add 20% more points for each V6 you climb, 40% more points for each V7 you send and so on. You’ll get fewer points for climbs easier than V5. If you climb a V4 you’ll get 20% fewer points (80); a V3 you’ll get 40% fewer points and so on.
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    Starting Aug 1, log points for sending newly set boulder problems around your handicap.
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    Weekly prizes from TNF
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    At the end of bldr league one male and one female winner will be announced and will win a CRASHPAD!

Aug 1st - Sept 30th


Register and pay at Bolder Climbing front desk

No Cheating

Each climb can only be logged once and climbs are only available for logging for ONE WEEK after they’ve been set. Think you can cheat the system by choosing a lower handicap- guess again- we can see your score and adjust your handicap if you consistently climb harder than your stated handicap. More info on rules at or at the front desk. The available boulders for that week of logging will be on the app, easy peasy.